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Damon Banks: Travelguides

THANK YOU for your ongoing support !! Check out this featured track from my “Travelguides” CD entitled “Children of Banjul”  The composition was written, arranged and produced by yours truly.

2018 is on fire, and several new projects are taking shape. Last year was an amazing year because I was able to record 2 great records, I got to participate in a couple of special tours and festivals (including “JAZZMANDU” in Kathmandu, Nepal … first time there … ) my work in academia expanded, and I had the opportunity to create more projects and workshops this year.

What’s next ? There are shows booked this summer, the new Gwen Laster record is coming out, my radio show is happening, I started my first documentary film about the evolution of underground dance music and fall concert dates are being booked as we speak. You can click on to the “WHAT”S NEW” page for details. In the meantime, please come back to visit often so you can stay updated my creative endeavors and collaborations happening down the road.

Feel free to drop me a line, let me know what you are up to, and let me know how I can support YOU. Until then, Peace and Love to you all …