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Damon Banks: Travelguides

THANK YOU for your ongoing support !! Check out this featured track from my “Travelguides” CD entitled “Children of Banjul”  The composition was written, arranged and produced by yours truly.

2017 was an amazing year for me. I was able to record 2 great records, I got to participate in a couple of special tours and festivals (including “Jazzmandu” in Kathmandu, Nepal) My career an educator has expanded, and I had the opportunity to prepare for more releases, more workshops and more shows in 2018.

What’s next ? I am launching a World Music radio show in April (no April Fool’s joke) I started my first documentary film about dance music (more about that later) and summer / fall concert dates are being booked as we speak. Right now, I hope to see you on Saturday, May 12th when I play with Adam Rudolph’s Moving Pictures (featuring Adam Rudolph, Hamid Drake, Kenny Wessel, Ralph ” Buzzy” Jones, Alex Marcelo and yours truly on bass) The concert will be at THE STONE ay THE NEW SCHOOL 55 W 13th St, New York, NY 10011 (time TBA)

Stay tuned for more creative endeavors happening down the road, and please stay connected. Let me know what you are up to, and how I can support you. Until then, Peace and Love to you ALL !!