Selected Discography

Gameboard (Gwen Laster – Africa West Publishing / MuffyMarie Music  ASCAP) November 2018

Glare Of The Tiger (Adam Rudolph’s Moving Pictures) March 2017

Turning Towards The Light (Adam Rudolph’s Go:Organic Guitar Ensemble – Cuneiform Records) 2015

Travelguides (Damon Banks) July 2013

Lindsey Webster (Lindsey Webster) 2013

New World Trash (SoSaLa) 2012

Footsteps In Africa (Soundtrack) 2010

Musical Spirits in One Accord (One Tribe) 2007

Mandeng Eletrik (Mandeng Eletrik) 2004

Liberation (Karsh Kale) 2003

Essence (Monet) 2003

My Id (Aubrey Dayle) 2004

This is Aggression / Global Dancefloor (Terry Burrus) 2003

The Gift
(Hassan Hakmoun) 2002

I Hear You Smiling (Gwen Laster) 2002

Three Wishes (Miki Howard) 2001

Back To Our Roots (Too Bad) 1999

Muppets From Space (Soundtrack) 1999

Sneak Preview (Gwen Laster ) 1998

That’s Right (George Benson) 1997

Valdun: Voices of Rumantsch (Corin Curschellas) 1996

Womanchild (Bemshi) 1992

Sons And Daughters (REMIX)(Neville Brothers) 1990