What’s New

Adam Rudolph’s new “Moving Pictures” record entitled “Glare of The Tiger” is receiving high praise worldwide.  You can read the Downbeat review (with a cool shout out for the bass player …) here: http://www.downbeat.com/digitaledition/2017/DB1706/66-67.html

* CHECK OUT the promo video HERE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hCsY_RYBlU8&feature=youtu.be >> General Listening link HERE: https://soundcloud.com/metarecords/sets/meta020gott/s-LT6ax

* BUY the record here: https://modtechnologies.bandcamp.com/album/glare-of-the-tiger

** Damon Banks’ latest project “Travelguides” is out and available everywhere. This multi-media project (produced, written and conceived by Damon Banks) “Travelguides” project reflects the sights and the sounds of Damon’s life traveling the world as a professional musician. Go to the “Sounds” page to listen / buy the entire album – or individual tracks. New music for the follow-up CD is being recorded as we speak … Many of his supporters and colleagues call this project “a street corner where world music, jazz and improvisational art forms meet … and fall in love”.


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